Hammer for farriers

Welcome to the ET-Hoofcare world of farrier hammers, the most important tools for professional horse hoof care.

The importance of hammers for farriers

Hammers are an important part of a farrier's equipment. They are used to shape, fit and attach horseshoes on to the hooves of horses. The quality of the hammer, its design and weight have a significant impact on the accuracy of the farrier's work and the comfort of the horse. They are an extension of the professional's hand and guarantee a perfect fit of the shoe, which is essential for the animal's well-being.

The different types of hammers

There are different types of hammers for farriers that are suitable for different tasks in the farrier's profession:

Forging hammers: this multifunctional hammer is ideal for the general shaping of hoof shoe 

Fore punches: used to make nail holes in horseshoes 

Creasers (Fullers): specially designed to apply a crease (fuller) in the horseshoe or for additional widening or cutting of the horseshoe.

Nailing on hammers (driving hammer): with a head specially designed for hammering nails, it guarantees secure fastening of the horseshoe.

Leather and nylon hammer: for use with toeing knives

Which hammer is the right one?

Choosing the right hammer depends on several factors, such as the type of work you are doing, your experience as a farrier and your personal preferences. Weight, balance, the size of the hammer head and the handle are all factors to consider. 

In summary, hammers for farriers are critical tools for horse welfare by ensuring accurate and safe shoeing and nailing. Choosing the right hammer is crucial for the farrier's comfort and the equine's health.