Remedial Boots

Remedial Boots for horses: optimal comfort and targeted care

Give your horse the ultimate in therapeutic comfort with our innovative remedial boots!

Remedial boots revolutionize equine care by providing optimal protection and crucial support for your horse's hooves. Precision-engineered to meet the specific needs of equines, these equine sandals combine style and functionality, offering a versatile solution for a variety of situations. Our various treatment shoes offer support for a wide range of hoof problems.

Why choose our therapeutic remedial boots for horses?

Targeted relief: The shoes incorporate targeted support technology, offering effective relief for horses suffering from hoof problems, arthritis or increased sensitivity.

State-of-the-art materials: Made from premium materials, our therapeutic booties are breathable, lightweight and durable, ensuring consistent comfort while promoting healing.

Exceptional adaptability: Whether for everyday use, during recovery from injury, or for older horses needing extra support, our therapeutic booties fit any situation.

Easy to use: Putting on and taking off are simplified for convenient use. The therapeutic remedial boots are adjustable to fit your horse's hoof perfectly, ensuring a hassle-free therapeutic experience.

How to improve your horse's quality of life:

Choose the appropriate size, slip the remedial boots onto your horse's hooves and observe the difference. Give your horse the comfort it needs for a happier, more active life. Invest in your horse's well-being with our therapy shoes. Order now to give your equine companion the luxury of comfort and targeted relief!