Birk Super Feet 2x5kg bag - Horse feed

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Birk Super Feet 2x5kg bag - Horse feed Birk Super Feet 2x5kg bag - Horse feed

The ideal supplement to your horse feed for optimum health !

The adequate supply of lecithin, amino acids and trace elements ensures the maintenance of healthy hooves and improves hoof growth and horn quality in case of hoof problems. BIRK SUPER FEET contains a complete assortment of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for daily needs into your horse feed. Optimally works as a concentrated dietary supplement for the horse nutrition. 

Expertise to ensure the best for the hoof and skin

Birk Super Feet horse feed has been formulated by leading nutrition experts to optimize your horse's health!   

A complete and highly concentrated feed supplement :

  • Unique combination of alfalfa, soy, flaxseed and yeast
  • High quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Balanced composition of ingredients
  • Optimally metabolized
  • High tolerance of horse feed

Supports hoof development in case of :

  • Fragile horn
  • Thin hooves
  • Cracks and infections
  • Laminitis and abscesses

Promotes supple skin and smooth, shiny skin in cases of :

  • Dry skin
  • Dull mane
  • Cracks and infections

Main components and benefits of BIRK SUPER FEET horse nutrition : 


Essential B vitamin containing sulfur, acts as an enzymatic co-factor in metabolism. 

Advantage: acts positively on hoof growth, hoof quality and skin. 

Linked organic trace elements 

Trace elements (copper, zinc, manganese) are easily assimilated and play an important role in the formation of keratin (horny substance) and defense agents. 

Advantage: essential for hoof quality, joint function and skin. 

Omega-3 fatty acids 

Proven anti-inflammatory effect 

Advantage: have a positive effect on skin and coat quality. 


Has an emulsifying action that promotes the digestion of fats and therefore the absorption of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Benefit: Lecithin plays a role in the flexibility of the cell membrane and therefore helps to maintain healthy, supple skin and a smooth, shiny coat. 


Is an essential sulfur amino acid; necessary for sufficient cysteine biosynthesis. 

Benefit: Cysteine is the primary amino acid of keratin and therefore has an important influence on the strength of keratin, which affects hoof quality. 

Inactivated yeast 

Acidification of the gut can, for example, lead to laminitis. Helps to stabilize fermentation, both in the gos intestine as well as in the appendix. 

Benefit: reduces the risk of acidification of the intestine.

Vitamin E & Selenium 

Essential antioxidants that limit and prevent damage caused by tissue oxidation. When under stress, the need for these nutrients increases.

Birk Super Feet daily dosage recommendation (g) per body weight (kg)

20 g per 100 kg of body weight


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