Birk Super Digest - horse feed for good digestion

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Birk Super Digest - horse feed for good digestion Birk Super Digest - horse feed for good digestion

Optimal support for the horse's stomach and intestines

A feed supplement that supports the digestive health of the horse

Healthy digestion is critical to a horse's well-being and performance. Digestive problems can lead to loss of appetite, weight loss, colic and other gastrointestinal ailments that can negatively impact the horse's overall health.

Birk super Digest supplement is specially formulated to promote digestive health in horses. It supports the maintenance of normal gastric acidity and protects the horse's gastric mucosa. Super Digest also supports the intestines for a healthy

Super Digest – has the following five main features:

  • A unique combination of components gradually buffers stomach acid and restores it to the desired level
  • Hydrolyzed active yeast (probiotics) increase the resistance of intestinal flora and contribute to healthy digestion
  • Natural prebiotics stabilize intestinal pH and promote digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Specially selected herbs support the stomach and intestines
  • Essential omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed meal support digestion and overall health 


Our supplement Birk super Digest consists of carefully selected natural ingredients. Its formulation is grain-free, gluten-free and without added sugar.

The digestive horse feed supplement Birk super Digest contains prebiotics and probiotics that e balance of intestinal flora and support healthy digestion. Prebiotics are special dietary fibres that serve apromote ths food for probiotics. Through their absorption, prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the horse's digestive tract. This helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and improve overall digestion.

Another effective digestive supplement for horses feed is digestive enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. Some horses may have insufficient production of digestive enzymes, which can lead to digestive problems. Supplements with digestive enzymes can help compensate for this deficiency and optimize digestion in horses.

Thus, Birk Super Digest helps maintain an optimal digestive system and prevent common digestive disorders in horses.

Quality and expertise

For us, quality comes first. All of our BIRK equine supplement feeds are manufactured in certified facilities using strict production procedures and quality controls. We pride ourselves on providing safe and effective products that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Provide your horse feed with optimal digestion and a balanced life with our high-quality supplements. Trust our expertise and commitment to equine health. Order now and give your horse the digestive support it needs!

Nutritional Recommendation:

For a course of 6 weeks:

- HORSE : 2 x daily 20 g

- PONY : 2 x daily 15 g

One measuring spoon = approx. 20 g

A 1.75 kg bucket is sufficient for approx. 43 days at a daily dose of 40 g.

Important: An interval of at least 6 weeks should be observed between two cures.


Linseed extraction meal 44%, herbs,

sodium bicarbonate, carbonic acid lime from marine algae

seaweed, magnesium oxide, yeast hydrolysate,

Apple pomace, product of Aspergillus oryzae.

Analytical components per kg:

- Crude protein 19.3 % 

- crude ash 29.8 %

- Crude fat 3.5 % 

- Magnesium 50 g

- Crude fiber 4.7 % 

- Sodium 0 g


Store Birk Super Digest with the lid closed at room temperature in a dry place. Do not expose to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


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